I read this book recently called ‘The 4hr Working Week’. It really is a blueprint of how to have the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of (I would highly recommend it).

In particular, one invaluable eye opener was the ease and actual affordability of outsourcing some of my work a.k.a. hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

Firstly, I can get work done while I am sleeping. Shoot an email off at the end of the day and I’m most likely have a response by the morning. So practically speaking, that’s time management at its best [first tick of approval].

Then there is the affordability of it, we’re talking as low as $5 per hour [AUD]. That’s less then $40 a day. If I were to hire an assistant in Australia they would be x4 times that amount at least. {tick tick!]. So far so good too – I haven’t had any disappointments in the quality of work, honestly my VA has saved me not only money but countless hours!

Why not consider a VA yourself if you are finding it hard to spend time growing the business, while keeping it all on track. The best thing to do is work out what jobs you could get someone else to do for you. You’ll be surprised by how much you can finally let go off and get back some quality time.

To read it for yourself check out ‘4hr Working Week’ by Timothy Ferriss. There is a entire chapter devoted to finding a good VA and task management.

Oh and in case you are wondering, yes I did write this blog but I definitely could have go my VA to if I wanted.


Hayley Mason is the enthusiastic founder of Etch Events.
With over six years experience in the events industry and a Bachelor of Business with a major in Event Management, she has her sights set on an event empire. Not to mention a curious collection of vintage matchboxes.
Her commitment to cappuccinos and building strong networks has enabled Hayley to connect with the very best in the business. Due credit goes to her expert (aka ninja) team who each bring their individual passions, skills and talents to the deck. Combined, they work hard to create unique and flawless options for your events.' For more info: www.etchevents.com
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