Event Dictionary


Absorption – sound being soaked up by soft furnishings, opposite to reflection

Accent Light – lighting used to highlight a certain focal point

Act of God – an extraordinary natural event such as extreme weather, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquake or similar natural disaster that cannot be reasonably foreseen or prevented over which contracting parties has no reasonable control, making performance of the contract illegal, impracticable or impossible, thus the parties have no legal responsibility to continue performance of the contract.

Aerial Artist – someone who performs acrobatic acts in the air using specially designed aerial silks or ribbons, or with a wire and harness.

After dinner entertainment – an act or series of acts, performances or talks that have been promoted as the highlight of the evening.

After dinner speaker – someone who is hired to entertain a group of people and is usually the highlight of the evening.

Aisle Carpet – the carpet or “aisle runner” between two rows of seats.

A la Carte – French term which means “from the menu”. As each item is individually priced “a la Carte” menus are not usually used for larger conferences and events.

Appetiser – small bite-sized food served before a gala dinner

Attendees – the people present at a function

Auditorium – a purpose-built performance room

Auditorium Style – table and seating arrangement where the inner tables and chairs directly face the front of the room but the outer tables and/or chairs are angled upwards.

Auto Cue – (teleprompter) a device that offers a visual version of a script. Used often by TV presenters and News Anchors.

AV (Audio/Visual) – equipment with both sound and visual components used for the presentation of material/information.


B2B – business to business

B2C – business to consumer

Banquet Round Style – seating arrangement where round tables are placed in rows similar to a banquet style set-up. Rows are set off centre in order to maximise space.

Back Curtain –curtain used at the back of a theatre stage to block out unwanted light.

Back Drop – painted curtain or drape used to re-create a scene for a photo shoot

Back Light – light from behind a performer, musician or object

Baffle – A partition specifically constructed to control traffic, light, air, or sound.

Banquet/Dinner Style – table placement where rectangular tables are placed in rows with seats at both sides. This set up allows for a head or top table to be placed at the front of the room.

B&B – bed and breakfast

Blackout – loss of lighting/the non-airing of a radio or TV program

Board – audio and/or lighting console

Boards – slang term for stage floor

Boardroom Style – a round, rectangular or oval shaped tabled with chairs at all the way round.

Breakdown – to take down equipment or other items that have been set-up especially for an event or function.

Business Centre – a venue or set of rooms used solely for business meetings and presentations.


Cabaret Style – a number of small round tables with chairs facing a stage area.

Canapés – small, decorative, single-bite sized food

Cancellation Clause – policy or statement that details the terms and conditions under which a person or group may terminate the agreement/reservation and/or contract.

Carpet Tape – adhesive that is double-sided tape used between the edge of a carpet and the floor.

Cash Bar – bar at an event or function where guests can purchase drinks as opposed to an open bar where alcohol is provided for free.

Caterer – an individual or company hired to provide food (and sometimes beverages) at an event.

Catering – a food service for a function.

Check In – to announce arrival

Check Out – to announce departure

Central Console – main sound and lighting board

Chevron – setting design where the room is set with tables and/or chairs in a V.

1. to rent or lease to a group or organization often used when referring to a bus, plane or boat.
2. the grant of authority or rights that allows the recipient the prerogative to exercise the rights specified
3. project charter: statement of objectives, roles and responsibilities in a project in order to serve as a reference of authority for the future of the project. 4. Charter member: an original member of an organization.

Circle Style – table and seating arrangement where tables are placed in a circle. The inner space of the circle is not used.

Classroom Style – rows of tables and chairs facing a stage or platform

Client – a person who pays for the products and/or services of another

Commission – to pay someone to do something/a percentage of money received from a sale.

Compensation – payment received for services provided.

Conference Centre – a venue or set of rooms used solely for business meetings and presentations.

Conference Pack – an informational pack given at a conference. It may include a map of the venue, a schedule or programme or activities or events, name tags, contact information, information on venue facilities.

Confirmation – the act of confirming a reservation.

Continental Breakfast – a breakfast that normally includes: an assortment of different bread with butter/jam/honey, cheese, meat, croissants, cereal, pastries, fruit juice and hot beverages along with a selection of hot food including but not limited to beans, sausages, eggs and bacon.

Contingency Plan (/Back-Up Plan) – a document that is prepared in before the event to address what to do when the intended plan changes or when an emergency occurs.

Corkage – a small fee charged for bringing your own wine to a restaurant.

Corporate Event Planner or Organiser – An individual who organises corporate events for companies, such as meetings, conferences, team building, award ceremonies and evening events.

Crew – a group or team of people who work together at an event or theatre setting

Cue – gesture, action and/or lighting/audio change that serves as a predetermined signal to a performer, musician, sound and/or lighting technician.


Dance Floor – the designated area of floor for dancing often distinguished by a difference in material

DB&B – dinner, bed and breakfast

Day Delegate Rate (DDR) – a day package offered to corporate customers by venues. Inclusions vary across venues, but DDRs typically include:
• Use of meeting room and conference facilities, such as flip charts, pens, pads, projector and screen
• Two servings of tea and coffee
• Lunch

Delegate – the person attending the meeting or event.

Decibel – degree of loudness/the unit of measurement for sound

DMC (Destination Management Company) – a business that handles entertainment for a group of individuals (often conference or meeting attendees) from out of town.


Early Bird Registration – advanced registration

Exclusive Use – private use i.e. solely for the use of a specific group or people

Evaluation – feedback regarding an event or performance evaluation conducted on staff or team members

Event – an event can be anything from a small charity fundraiser to wedding or large music concert

Exhibition – a public display or demonstration

Exhibitor – a person who displays works of art or other items of interest at an exhibition

Emcee – entertainment or event host. Will often lead activities and introduce performance acts


Feedback –
1. positive criticism that normally highlights both positive and negative elements with ways to improve
2. distortion on sound normally unpleasant to the ear, often occurring when a microphone frequency interferes with the frequency of a speaker

Floor Plan – the lay out of the room to include table and seating arrangements along with entertainment or stage area

Forum – online or offline meeting place where ideas and views on a specific issue are discussed

Fork Buffet – a buffet style eating arrangement where all food provided can be eaten with a fork

Front Projection – projector that projects an image onto a screen that is in front of it


Gala Dinner – a glamorous social event involving a sit down meal, dancing and entertainment. Often used as a great fundraiser

Group Booking – a reservation for a large number of people

Group Rate – a special or discounted rate given for a large group booking

Guaranteed Late Arrival –a guaranteed late arrival policy will allow for a reservation to be held for guests who have confirmed that they will be arriving late as opposed to letting their booking go back into circulation for sale. Often used by hotels for guests who will be checking in late into the evening

Guests – people invited to an event of function


Head Table – the main or principle table seating the most important people at an event or function

Herringbone Style – table arrangement used for dinners that will involve a speaker. Tables are placed at a diagonal pointing towards the front of the room with chairs are set on both sides and at the head of the table. The end of the table is left open so no one has their back to the speaker

Hollow Square Style – table arrangement where tables are placed in such a way as to form a square with an open inside space. Chairs are only placed on the outside of square

House Wine – the cheapest wine in a restaurant not featured on the wine list by name or brand


Incentive – something that incites action and motivation

Incentive Travel – a business scheme where vacation travel is offered as a reward, prize or motivational bonus by companies to qualifying employees to encourage high performance levels.

In-House – production of a product or service by a company’s own staff and funds.

Invoice – a document that indicates costs for goods and services owed by one individual or company to another.



Keynote – the underlying theme. Keynote is a term often used in literature and public speaking


Laser Pointer – a pen shaped device that emits a laser beam. Often used during conferences, business meetings and lectures to draw attention to certain areas of an enlarged image from a projector

Lavaliere Microphone – a small microphone that is clipped onto clothing to allow the speaker to move

Lapel Microphone – microphone that is clipped onto a person’s collar or part of clothing that is closest to the face

LCD /Liquid Crystal Display – advanced technology that improves image quality. Often a term used in television

LCD Projector – modern projector that displays enlarged images onto a wall or screen

LED – light emitting diode or light source which uses very little electricity in order to produce light

Lead Time – the amount of time that passes between the start of a process and its completion

Lectern – podium or tall stand with sloping top which speaker or lecturer can use to place their notes, books or other material.

Load In – the process of bringing in entertainment equipment and setting it up on stage ready for a performance


Mark-up – the amount added to the cost of goods or services to produce the desired profit

Master of the Ceremonies – a person in charge of procedures at an event or function who will introduce the evening entertainment and entertain the audience.

Maximum Capacity – the most amount of people permitted

Meeting Professional – an individual who plans and provides services for meetings, conferences, etc.

Mic – short for microphone

Minimum Spend – the minimum amount of money to be spent on a product and/or service

Minimum Capacity – the smallest number of people required


Networking – a social engagement of meeting people in order to form good business connections

Non-Transferable – not allowed to be transferred from one person’s name to another. E.g. an event entry ticket in a particular person’s name may not be passed to and used by another person

Nouvelle Cuisine – French for ‘new cooking’ referring to the culinary style, which moved away from the rich, heavy style of classic French cuisine toward fresher, lighter food served in much smaller portions


On Consumption – paying only for what has been consumed as opposed to paying in advance

Open Bar: bar at an event or function where the alcohol is provided for free. This may or may not be budgeted after which the open bar will convert into a cash bar

Overbooked – when an event or event venue has more reservations than there is room for

Overbooking – the process of taking in too many reservations for an event or event venue than there is room for

Overhead Projector – a device that projects an enlarged image onto a screen or wall using a light and mirror system


Participates – people who take part in something.

Per Room Rate – cost of accommodation based on a fee per room

Press Kit or Media Kit – A package of materials put together for the media, usually contained in a folder, in which news releases, product announcements and other materials intended for the media are distributed.

Press Release or Media Release – description of a newsworthy occurrence written in journalistic or unbiased style and mailed to the news media. A press release is usually intended to promote an event or further the reputation of a facility.

Pro Forma Invoice – or confirmed purchase order is a document that states a commitment of good and/or services from the seller at specified prices and terms but is not used to record financial transaction.

Proposal – a plan or suggestion of services put forward for consideration


Q&A – questions and answers

Questionnaire – a set of specific questions in order to attain certain information often for a survey or study


Rack Rate – the suggested retail price. A term often used in the travel/hotel industry to describe the inflated prices someone pays when booking a room directly with a hotel rather than a discounted travel agency

Rear Projection – projector that projects an image from behind a screen rather than from in front of it

Refurbishment – when a venue is under going renovation/restoration

Registration Fee – an initial sum of money or deposit required to ensure registration, placement or enrolment. Not normally returned upon cancellation. The remaining amount of the full attendance fee is paid upon entrance to the event or venue

Registration Area – area of a venue designated solely for the purpose of handling guest registration and registration fees

Risk Assessment – safety assessment (could be of a venue or structure)

Rigging – rigging equipment is used to suspend light and sound systems and aerial performers

Rigger or Rigging Specialist – person highly qualified in assembling sound, lighting and show structures for indoor and outdoor performances, including moving scenery and equipment for aerial acts

Rooming List – conference guestroom reservation list that shows names and corresponding room numbers

Room Hire Rate – the fee to rent the room

Room Turnover – the time it takes change the layout of an event space according to predetermined set-up requirements


Semi Circle Style – table and seating arrangement where tables and/or chairs are placed in a semi circle around a head table or focal point at the front of the room

Serpentine Tables – curved tables that can be used at corner points in U-Shape, Conference and Hollow Square style table/seating set ups

Site – the location for an event

Site Visit – visitation of event site/venue to check layout, facilities and safety features

Skirting – decorative fabric placed around a table or riser to conceal the area underneath

SPL – sound pressure level

Spot Light – beam of light used to light up a performer or entertainer

Spot Light Operator – someone qualified/trained to operate a spot light

Sound Technician – the person in charge of the sound

Stage Hand – person who works backstage or behind the scenes in a theatre, film or other performance venue. Their role is to help with setting up and striking performance props, scenery and other set-ups

Supplier – The individual or company that sells goods or services to another company; term often used synonymously with “vendor”


Theatre Style – layout of a room where rows of chairs are facing a stage

Time Code – computer program that controls the timing of show/film and other entertainment sound and light changes.

Toastmaster – the person in charge of making the toast or series of toasts, introducing speakers and making other formal announcements.

Top Table – the main or most important table in the room – normally situated in full view of all other tables.

T-shape – Seating design where the tables are arranged for a conference with the presenter(s) sitting at the top of the T.


Upgrade – to replace a product or service with another that is of better quality

Unusual/Unique Venues – any venue out of the norm

U-Shape Style – when tables and chairs are set in such a way to form a U shape often facing a focal point such as a podium, head table or stage area

Usher – a person who shows someone to his or her seat. Often seen at theatre performances and weddings


VAT – Value Added Tax. Government tax on products and/or services

Vegan – a person who does not eat meat or dairy products

Vegetarian – a person who does not eat meat but will eat diary products

Venetian (Braile) Curtain – a front of house stage curtain that gathers up from the bottom when pulled

Vendor – the company retained by an event planner to handle one or more aspects of an event; term sometimes used synonymously with “Supplier”

Vendor agreement – a legal contract between event planner and vendor

Venue – Place or site where an event is to take place

Venue Finding – a service or act of finding a place for an event, function or meeting that meets certain requirements and expectations

V-Shape Style Set Up – table/seating arrangement where tables/chairs are set similar to classroom style but angled to face a head table or podium at the front of the room

VIP – Very Important Person, often used to refer to a celebrity or person with authority or high social status. Can also be used to people who pay a premium rate at an event or function in order to secure front row seats or special benefits


Waitlist – a list of a people still waiting for a ticket or admission to an event or function

WIFI – wireless local area network. A technology that allows people to exchange data over a computer network (Internet) without the need of a cable

Working Lunch – a lunch over which business is discussed




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