Being a great Event Manager or Event Coordinator is not just about the organisation, the attention to detail and the planning but also about knowing how to promote your event and/or event business. Understanding how to manage the marketing side of your business is crucial in generating clientele, developing your event company and more importantly, building your all-important reputation.

Reputation is everything and to positively promote yourself as an Event Manager is to be consistently active in the events world. Your reputation is built on your credibility and your credibility rests on two major sources: word of mouth recommendations and your online activity.

Internet Boosts Interest

Word of mouth is of course the old-time favourite marketing tool that there is out there. Obtaining a personal recommendation speaks volumes and brings with it both a high return of pre-existing clientele and a reliable source with which to generate new faithfuls. We are however, in the 21st century where the cyber world has raised its powerful head. To be connected to the internet in as many ways as possible, is not only expected but offers client convenience in keeping our on-the-go lifestyle and opens your business to local, national and international platforms. Such exposure proportionally increases both your target audience and the number of potential clients.

Everyone these days is online. More often than not, potential customers will check something out online first before they will even consider going to see a venue or meet with an Event Planner. It is not so much the case any more of merely offering a winning smile and a warm welcome with which to win over a potential client. A pleasant personality of course goes a long way and may even be the final deciding factor but you first have to hook their interest over the internet before they will even consider investing in your services.

Social Media Expectations

Using the social media platforms available is not necessarily about losing integrity by succumbing to the time consuming, growing, power force that the internet has become. Joining forces with the likes of facebook and other social media is to reach further than just a local audience. Getting your name, logo and business ethics out to the world is to take advantage of the international gain the internet provides. Remember that you are no longer competing with Joe Blogs from down the road and people will nowadays look far and wide for a service that suits their requirements. The problem in the past has been that Facebook and Twitter have been abused with inconsequential chitchat. Both have however, since changed their social standing and have become much more business orientated. Missing out on an opportunity to connect to the world and override your geographical boundaries would be to quite frankly cut off your nose to spite your face.


Use Twitter to inform your clients and potential audience of your business activities such as any seasonal discounts, events you are hosting, new additions to your services and dates of trade fairs or conferences you are attending. There is a lot you can do here to spark interest and keep your viewers coming back. In this fast paced world, your professionalism and professional credibility is heralded by keeping busy, appearing fresh and modern and by keeping up-to-date with what is new and trending. Consider Twitter as your online daily diary that offers your clients or twitter followers a personal way of keeping in touch. It is a full time commitment and as I hear you shout at the computer that you work in events and not social media marketing, I suggest you employ someone to do this for you. You don’t even have to pay a full time salary if your budget is a concern, a social media specialist will be able to offer you a tailored-made package to suit both your marketing and financial targets. It sounds cheesy but you do have to sow in order to reap!


Use the business side of Facebook to keep in contact with your clients, vendors, entertainment companies and even with your competitors. Not only is it good for them to see what you are up to but also for you to keep an eye on what is trending, the latest events and event news. Facebook also offers the added advantage that you can post your event photos and photos of your venues, set-ups, entertainment offerings and even equipment that will generate curiosity from pre-existing clients and potential sign ups alike.

All in all, both your Facebook and your Twitter pages also provide a form of promotional literature not only to reinforce name recognition with past and current clients and direct potential clientele to, should they wish to know more about what you stand for and what you offer.

For for tactics and ideas on how to play the social media game check out: Improving Your Online Presence


Following a University degree and a drastic career move, Fiona Warren-Bassett soon found herself rapidly moving forward in the events and PR world. Enjoying the change of direction, Fiona went on to further her Event Management experience, spending 6 years working for a renowned cruise line company. Having travelled extensively and been actively involved in many events and weddings, Fiona has since returned to land and has successfully launched her freelance writing and PR career.
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