Sounds odd I know…you might not even recognise the name of the creature but rather what they look like and most importantly what they do!

Chameleons are from the distinctive and highly specialized lizard species who have this incredible ability to change colour.

Why am I giving you a fifth grade class on chameleons?

Simple. To give you a perfect illustration of the key to any event – the clever ability to adapt.

To survive in this industry we need to be phenomenal adapters. We need to be on the ball and up to date with the easiest, fastest and most user friendly ways to make stuff happen! (yes I said stuff).

This could be from adapting to a new technology in ways of event promotions, delegate registrations or giving unique wow factors on the night. Or as simple as adapting to the space and making it something special.

Being an enthusiastic learner and willing to adapt when better systems and processes and newer technologies are created is the absolute gold mine when it comes to outstanding events. It’s as simple as that.

Our technology is ever growing and evolving, so use it! Make sure your event is using channels of communication that is most relevant and available to your consumers.

Want to see what I mean? Ask Mr Chameleon yourself…he’ll show you how to adapt


Hayley Mason is the enthusiastic founder of Etch Events.
With over six years experience in the events industry and a Bachelor of Business with a major in Event Management, she has her sights set on an event empire. Not to mention a curious collection of vintage matchboxes.
Her commitment to cappuccinos and building strong networks has enabled Hayley to connect with the very best in the business. Due credit goes to her expert (aka ninja) team who each bring their individual passions, skills and talents to the deck. Combined, they work hard to create unique and flawless options for your events.' For more info:
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