Video: Lessons from Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup

Eric Ries is a software and product developer, entrepreneur, now public speaker and author of the bestselling book The Lean Startup. He recently gave this talk at LSE and I remember thinking that his lean methodology can and should be applied to most event businesses. This isn’t a short video – but if you are interested in strategy and thinking differently about your job it’s worth watching!

(I recommend skipping the introduction to 4:30 minutes in, and if you have time listen to the questions at the end)


[testimonial_slider][testimonial_item name=”Eric Ries”]Should this be built, rather than can it?

Will this live up to the raw amount of time, talent, determination, energy, passion and money poured into it by founders, investors and employees?[/testimonial_item]
[testimonial_item name=”Eric Ries”]Learn faster

Minimise the time between; we have an idea and validated the idea to work out if that idea is brilliant or crazy.[/testimonial_item]
[testimonial_item name=”Eric Ries”]Experiment

How much inventory should you have? No more inventory than the early adopters. Before you can have a million customers you have a thousand, before you have a thousand you have 100 and before 100 you need ten. [/testimonial_item][/testimonial_slider]


Michael Chidzey is the chief juicer of eventjuice and runs Event Organiser, an event company based in London, UK. He also founded the digital marketing agency Good Signals, blogs on several websites and is a visiting lecturer in events management at London Metropolitan University.Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelchidzey
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