Choosing favors for your party can be a strange adventure as you navigate the lines between cheap and over-the-top, elegant and quirky, or personal and universally appealing. You want favors that are incredibly related to who you are and what your special day is about, but you want something your guests will love to save.

If almonds aren’t your thing, turn to the people who really get out of bed in the morning for quandaries like this one. Craft bloggers have tried their hand at just about anything, and that means they have already found what gets rave reviews and what falls flat.

When you offer your guests a handmade favor, you are truly sending them home with a piece of you. It should say something about you, your style, and your passions in life. Choose materials that reflect personal attachments, such as printed papers and fabric, tin that is reminiscent of the roof of your grandfather’s garage, or salvaged materials from a favorite spot.

Navigating craft blogs can be its own adventure: Remember that anyone can sign up for a blog, so sometimes your level of expertise or your taste may not exactly align with the blogger’s. Never fear, as there are thousands of craft blogs to choose from and one is bound to have you struggling to extract yourself from the mouse.

A good craft blogger should provide ideas, excellent images, and use materials that are easy for anyone to find. Step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting are especially important, so that you don’t go too far off course. A crafter may say that something was a snap, but when you set out to do it you find yourself scratching your head. Don’t be discouraged; you are not a crafter by trade! If they are not giving you enough details to work with, scrap the project and find something else.

One favor growing in popularity is a papercraft item, filled with treats or standing alone as a gift in itself. From simple folded boxes to complicated and delicate mobiles, paper is inexpensive and disposable. The possibilities are endless and truly beautiful. Plus, guests can fold these favors flat when they pack to travel home.

Commemorate your day with a cone or pouch filled to the brim with items related to the event. For example, if this is a beach wedding you could add a few shells, a couple of chocolates, and tie it up with ribbon in your wedding colors. For a child’s birthday party, choose a theme related to the party or the guest of honor’s favorite animal/color/film and create treat cones inspired by the tot.

Mixes are also a common homemade favor, and lean more toward tradition. Any recipe that is totally or mostly comprised of dry ingredients will work for this. Biscuit and cookie mixes, spiced tea blends, and soups are common. Make sure you include preparation directions and any additional ingredients like
eggs or water. Bottles and jars for these favors can be purchased online quite reasonably.

I attended a lovely DIY wedding of two artists recently, and the bride had written and illustrated a story and handmade little ‘zines for it. She presented this to each of the wedding party members. The guest favors were honey from the groom’s bees and a salt blend created by the couple, packaged in grab bags and filled with shredded paper. The bags were hand labeled for each guest and scattered around the reception site so that guests had to locate their bag and hopefully meet someone new in the process.

If crafting is an interest and you are a little creative, you can use craft blogs to create remarkable favors for your party that guests will be happy to take home. A good crafter has already vetted ideas, and with a little luck and some good researching, you should be able to replicate their creations with ease.


Sarah Harbin has been planning and promoting non-profit fundraisers, art and cultural events for over ten years, and recently began planning personal events.
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