Staying connected is easier than ever thanks to the explosion in popularity of social networking sites like Twitter. The micro-blogging phenomenon is a great way to follow the comings and goings of the movers and shakers in your industry, and event and wedding planning is unsurprisingly well served. After all, have you ever met an event planner who doesn’t like to shout about what they do?

For industry news, insightful blogs, top tips, advice and plenty of in-jokes too, here are 54 of the most influential members of the event and wedding industry Twitterati who you must follow in 2014:



The Kim Kardashian of the party planning scene, she’s not short of admirers thanks to her stint on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and now Dina’s Party, her own reality show following her glamorous party planning exploits. Expect updates on everything from how she’s recovering from flu to what she’s having for dinner and the occasional link to an event she’s organised.



One of America’s biggest online collections of wedding vendors, their Twitter feed links to plenty of inspirational photos from wedding dresses to ideas for chair decorations, while you can also stay up to date with the main site’s latest how-to articles and planning guides.

Hollywood Pop


Full service planning agency spans the Atlantic with its celebrity-inspired take on events and entertainment. Never slow to respond to the latest celeb goings-on with their own ideas for inspirational entertainment, linking to all sorts from themed cupcakes to glamorous cocktails.

Event Magazine


The UK’s leading event industry magazine is understandably one of the industry’s most active and informative tweeters too. Great way to keep track of industry events, breaking news and the latest articles from Event’s own website.

Event Industry News


Another must-read industry publication, its Twitter account is a great way to keep tabs on your fellow professionals with updates on high profile company appointments as well as links to the latest job adverts, plus industry news from across Europe and beyond.




Event blogging with a personal touch, Texas-based Camille Styles points you in the direction of seasonal recipes, health and beauty tips plus profiles on independent designer/makers and intimate event hosts.


Event Manager Blog


It wouldn’t be a complete list without including Event Manager Blog’s Twitter account ‘the first blog for event lovers’, it’s full of practical tips such as how to book great venues within budget and is always bang up to date in sharing the latest and future trends in event planning.


Mrs Barbican


A key figure for those booking meetings, conferences and other events in the UK, Samme Allen is head of sales at the famous Barbican Centre so, needless to say, knows her stuff when it comes to large scale event planning. A resourceful tweeter, she shares plenty of great articles and links from around the web offering tips and industry insights galore.




Regular tweets from the editors of the PCMA’s ever-impressive Convene magazine, the award-winning trade title for those involved in the professional convention industry. Expect links to their own engaging content and news from the PCMA, as well as other useful resources from around the web.


Midwest Meetings


An essential follow for event professionals in America’s midwest, but offering plenty of good stuff wherever your based. Re-tweets of relevant articles from around the web help you keep abreast of news and advice across the industry, while the Midwest Meetings daily Twitter paper is a handy crib sheet of the day’s best articles.




Another insight into the life of luxury event planning, Las Vegas-based Jerri Woolworth is a prolific Twitter user and full of inspiring ideas on red carpet nights, celeb weddings and other glittering showpiece events.


Mr Hoffa Wood


Events done Detroit style. Not much in the way of professional insight, but plenty of flyers and pictures of pimped up parties and high bling club nights in Detroit.




Self-styled celebrity party planner offering plenty of nice tips such as decorating to a theme and hosting family-friendly events. Her Twitter feed also gives a unique insight into life running a multi-use venue after impressively converting an old warehouse eight years ago into New Jersey’s Space Odyssey USA.


Special Events Magazine


The perfect place to keep your eye out for interesting articles from Special Events magazine, an international publication and website based in the USA for those with a professional interest in event planning.


CIT Magazine


This UK-based leading magazine, Conference & Incentive Travel, uses its Twitter space for more than just linking to its own articles. Also expect plenty of industry debate, surveys and engaged tweet chat.




Cupcakes have established themselves as an essential ingredient to many an event and Nichelle Stephens know more about them than most. The cupcake blogger and event organiser is a popular figure on New York’s tech and start-up scenes and her Twitter feed keeps you connected to goings-on across the intertwined worlds of food, events and new business.


Liz King


Social media powerhouse Liz King leads the way when it comes to blending well managed social media campaigns with well executed events and, needless to say, her own personal Twitter is well worth keeping up with. Expect links to a wide range of insightful articles from managing budgets to finding tools to boost your Facebook profile.


Simply Jess


There are few places more in-your-face stylish as Miami when it comes to hosting killer parties and this intriguingly titled ‘M!IAMI BITCH’ is right at the heart of it, executing exclusive club nights and VIP events for South Beach’s beautiful people. And her Twitter feed is like following a micro-reality soap opera.




A gripping follow for film fans, film critic Behan will keep you up to date on all the latest news, happenings and opinions from the world of movies. A festival organiser himself too having run film and jazz festivals, you’ll get a great insight on festival life from both a critic and a planner rolled into one.


The Party Goddess


When you call yourself ‘The Party Goddess’ you’d really better be able to back it up. Luckily, celebrity event planner and TV star Marley Majcher has plenty of impressive credentials and uses her Twitter account to keep followers updated on her personal and professional goings-on and provides a wealth of useful links to how-to guides for planning celeb-style events. She’s active at responding to people on Twitter too.


Sharon Naylor


You don’t write more than 35 books on weddings unless you’ve got something worthwhile to say on the subject. Prolific author and writer Sharon Naylor is just as active with Twitter too with a steady stream of tweets and re-tweets to point in you in the right direction of money-saving tips, style ideas, recipe suggestions, gorgeous gifts and more to help inspire anyone to plan the perfect wedding.


Mark Niemierko


When it comes to luxury weddings, Londoner Mark Niemierko sure knows his stuff. Even the beautiful background images on his Twitter page are worth a look. His tweets ooze style too, with a good sprinkling of dry humour thrown in for good measure too. Expect updates on various luxury venues and events, plus plenty of positive feedback from his own followers.


Utterly Engaged


Billed as the first online wedding magazine, Utterly Engaged’s Twitter page links you to its latest editions plus other blog posts on it’s own site, but is also very active in sharing other great wedding-related content from across the Twittersphere and around the web.




Bound to put a smile on your face, with a machine gun torrent of jokes, humorous quotes and other tit-bits from LA event producer Emily Cavalier, foodie, pop-up restaurant hostess and all-round online buzz expert.


Stuart Clark


A must-follow for anyone interested in events in and around Liverpool, Merseyside-based events organiser Stuart Clarke is also a one-man syndication machine, using his Twitter feed to keep you in touch with plenty of useful wedding and events-related articles from around the web.


Destination I Do


Aimed at couples planning their dream honeymoon or wedding abroad, but this also makes inspirational following for wedding planners too, with Tweets linking to great ideas for destinations, venues and other luxury touches for the big day itself.


dream wedding


Like the Yellow Pages of luxury weddings but in Twitter form, their website connects you with luxury wedding planners around the world. Tweets are full of plenty of great ideas too, from venues to cakes, and worth following to keep an eye out for special offers and the occasional guilty pleasure of celeb wedding gossip.


lela PR guru


PR professional with an impressive background, Lela Thompson is boss of It’s All About You PR firm and her Twitter feed is packed with A-list celebrity news, links to her own business services of course, and plenty of business tips for small businesses and getting your event or brand noticed.


Love my dress blog


One of the most popular wedding bloggers on the web is also one of the most popular wedding tweeters. Keeps you updated on new additions to, including the wonderful Bridal Inspiration Board series, as well as inspiring images and industry movers and shakers on the UK wedding scene.




Well-connected New York party promoter, his Twitter feed reads like a guide to essential social networking tools, regularly linking out to other updates on the likes of Foursquare, Instagram and Eventbrite. Plus, following him lets you stay up to date with some of New York’s most on-trend venues.


Travis London


US celebrity chef Travis London knows a thing or two about staging tasty events. He takes to Twitter to spill all sorts from his thoughts on the importance of voting to his favourite song lyrics, but is more than worth a follow for the hunger-inducing food pics he posts, plus he’s full of great ideas on table settings and food presentation for stand-out events.


Michael Russo


Hard working New Yorker Michael Russo specialises in VIP events which really shine and while he spends more time tweeting his opinions on the latest TV shows, he can also be a great source of killer design tips and star style.




Wedding Window is a great option for couples to create personalised wedding websites and is packed with plenty of other wedding planning tools too. Company boss Amy Ruocco is very much a socialite on Twitter as well, sharing her tips on other Twitterati worth a follow as well as offering more advice and style guides for that perfect wedding.


Planner Wire


An authority on making the most of social networking for events and meetings, it is no surprise that Keith Johnston makes the most of Twitter. Great for staying up to date with the latest developments and tactics in social marketing.


Christina J Event


If you’re lacking inspiration on how to dress venues for real impact, then following Kent-based Christina Jane Events is sure to fill you with ideas. You’ll find plenty of links to their own galleries plus occasional exclusive Twitter special offers for those all important accessories.




A great follow for staying in the loop on the world of club promoting and dance music festivals, her Twitter feed reads like a route map for the globe’s trendiest parties and taste-making club destinations.


Ron Creevey


Founder of mobile media service YuuZoo and director of the Singapore International Film Festival, Ron Creevey knows a thing or two about staying connected. His Twitter account is a hotbed of networking and a great way to keep up with opinions on industry developments in social media.


event seeker


A fantastic one-stop news ticker for the latest concert, festival and event announcements around the world, including breaking news on ticket availability, pulled from a variety of sources.


Lord Jason Scott


London-based corporate events don Lord Jason Scott is an A-list party planning specialist and regular features in Event Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the industry. His Twitter is full of personal ramblings on everything from what he’s had for breakfast to what he’s wearing, but also lets you into the more glamorous side of his work too, with plenty of useful re-tweets of handy industry resources and tips.




Washington DC event planner, but you’d forgiven for thinking he spends most of his time travelling back and forth from the gym if you follow him on Twitter. A prolific and witty tweeter and a keen networker, shares his opinions on all sorts and drops in plenty to raise a smile too – “I wish I was in a gang so I knew what do to with my hands in pictures,” being one example.


Wedding Magazine


The Twitter home of one of the UK’s leading wedding magazines, a must read for anyone involved in professional wedding planning who’s keen to keep up with the latest trends. Following them on Twitter is a great reference point for discovering new content as well as finding out about bridal events, sample sales and places where you can snag some impressive competition prizes.


Ruffled Blog


Creativity is the name of the game for this DIY wedding blogger. Her tweets share all sorts of stand-out wedding ideas from around the world and are a regular source of great pictures to get your own creative juices flowing.


Wedding PR


Great ideas and elegant events are only part of the battle for being a successful wedding planner and Leila Khalil is a great role model for helping with the all-important side of giving your own business the promotional push it needs. Shares plenty of unique ideas for memorable weddings, as well as small business tips and plenty of cute things that have caught her eye on a daily basis.




Far more than just an advert for Cvent’s own event management solutions, their Twitter feed is packed full of regular tips and links to genuinely useful resources for event professionals and those with a keen interest in the industry.




Uses phrases like ‘lol’ far too much for a man of his age, but don’t let that put you off. This man is a born publicist and a leading figure in Australian promotional circles, kind of like the Aussie Max Clifford. His Twitter account is suitably vivacious too, plenty of chat, networking and virtual high-fiving.


Jordan Ferney


Charmingly quirky events planner, her tweets can lead you to all sorts of undiscovered treasures, from vintage furniture to DIY decorating tips. Also uses Twitter for genuine networking and recruiting creative professionals to work with.


Mose Rasier


Another tweeter from glamorous Miami and another specialist in glamorous events. Keep tabs on events Moshe Rasier and his Aventura Latin Dance Studio are involved with, plus he shares personal snippets from his everyday life and general musings on marketing, technology and more.


Mindy Weiss


A wedding and event planner whose excitement at discovering new and charming ways to spruce up someone’s big day genuinely comes across on her Twitter account. Expect plenty of Pinterest and Instagram pics which will give you food for thought when planning luxury events.


Sharon Sacks


An expert on celebrity weddings and always has a fresh take on beautiful decoration tips, holiday ideas and generally making entertaining special. Tweets from Sharon Sacks keep you up to date with her latest movements as well as her own articles for the likes of the Huffington Post, plus there are plenty of re-tweets of other useful snippets for event planners.


Nicole Jensen


A self-confessed event geek, Brisbane-based Nicole Jensen is a social media expert and a leader in getting the most out of online promotion for real life events. Her personal Twitter is full of plenty of personal opinions and updates but is also a great way of staying up to date with the latest digital trends.


Jeff Hurt


A real font of knowledge when it comes to professional event planning, his tweets are an almost relentless volley of genuinely useful links, articles and tips on all sorts of ideas surrounding events, from booking affordable venues to getting free publicity.


eventjuice frog


Last but by no means least, here at eventjuice we aim to keep you up to date with all the latest trends, developments and ideas surrounding the events industry, plus following us on Twitter is a great way to keep track of the latest articles being added to our own blog right here. Plus, we like to have a little bit of fun while we’re at it.




For a glimpse into the outrageously glitzy side of event planning in the hedonist capital of Las Vegas, you can’t go far wrong following Aloun Siharath. Most tweets relate to services offered through his site, but he’s worth following just to see the photos, while the insider guide to Vegas is priceless for first time visitors.


David Tutera


Another member of America’s ‘celebrity event planner’ set, but this time with plenty more relevant Tweets, including links to the latest fashions in wedding make-up, dresses and decorations. Expect plenty of exclamation marks as well as plenty of excited Tweets about fans asking for his autograph.

Anyone else from the event industry’s tweet elite who we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments below.


Michael Chidzey is the chief juicer of eventjuice and runs Event Organiser, an event company based in London, UK. He also founded the digital marketing agency Good Signals, blogs on several websites and is a visiting lecturer in events management at London Metropolitan University.Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelchidzey
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