Now that you’ve got your guests in costume and in attendance (part 2), what will you do to entertain them?

Haunted house

The perfect once-a-year party activity for Halloween is a haunted house. They are easier to put together than you probably think. Create a wall by hanging black trash bags from the ceiling, and decorate with creepy lights, gadgets from the party store, and scary music. To confuse guests as they walk, hang strips of black crepe paper. For a real scare, enlist a friend to surprise guests or tell fortunes inside.

Costume party

Another Halloween classic is a costume party. Categories can include best costume, most original, scariest, funniest, biggest commitment, best group, and runners up. For prizes, pick up a few themed bags and fill with scary dvds or odds and ends from the seasonal shop.

Trunk or treat?

A growing trend in the U.S. is Trunk or Treats, and this practice is perfect for a mixed party. Pull your cars into a circle and let the kids run from trunk to trunk collecting candy. It’s a great way to sidestep the dangers of neighbourhood trick or treating and still let the little ones run around.

Halloween party ideas

Other great ways to celebrate Halloween are to screen scary movies, host a traditional masquerade complete with DJ, and build a party hopping hayride. A unique and hilarious twist on the scary party is to introduce classic kids’ games like musical chairs, Twister, and Red Rover. Adults playing these games in costumes is guaranteed hilarity.

It only takes a little creativity, some inexpensive supplies, and a passion for this spooky holiday to make your Halloween party a success. Got a tip we skipped? Add it in the comments below!


Sarah Harbin has been planning and promoting non-profit fundraisers, art and cultural events for over ten years, and recently began planning personal events.
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