Lighting creates atmosphere. Use it to create effect, to illuminate, mask, highlight, create shadows and to set a certain mood or tone. This post is a crash-course in lighting party solutions and a handful of alternative, exciting ideas:

LED/Plasma screens:

Play favourite clips from a relevant movie in the background to help “set the scene” and get everyone into the theme of the party.

Colour alternating lights:

Get into the groove with rock ‘n’ roll themed party lights. More economical to rent than buy unless you plan to use them again. Use to create a vibrant disco scene.

Colour changing orbs:

Although these can be a little pricey they provide wonderful decoration for a stage area during evening entertainment and provide the perfect “go-to” lighting solution for event planners and even bar and restaurant owners who are hosting a large event; definitely worth the price tag.

Colour changing battery operated candles:

A cost effective lighting solution for any event with options on colour swap modes.

Illoom balloons/balloons with LED lights:

Whether it’s a kid’s party, wedding, Valentines day celebration or a Christmas office themed event, with many different colours and styles available on line, there is something for everyone…literally. Where as ordinary balloons, seem just a little bit….well….. “ordinary”, Illoom balloons definitely add a little bit more pizzazz. There are even seasonal selections to style your event with.

LED furniture:

Add a touch of sophistication and modern technology to your party. Just some of the options available include: chairs, cubes, coffee tables, armchairs, barstool or bar-chair, plant pots (yes, I said plant pots!) and poseur tables. Poseur tables in particular can be strategically place to create focal points. Often becoming the hub of social activity, they are at convenient elbow height over which to share a drink. Many of the furniture options will also come with a slow colour change function; think 70s party, Las Vegas or science fiction style party.

LED wire water proof lights:

These lights are extremely versatile as they can easily be placed in trees or around seating areas. Use them to light up a driveway, garden, terrace or bar area.

LED Tree or branches/Fibre Optic Crystal Lamp:

A simple way to create the big wow factor, either of these is definitely an innovative idea for a winter wonderful, Cinderella or masquerade ball style event.

Luminescent canopy gazebo:

This pretty gazebo is great for the garden and just perfect with which to recreate a fairytale Winter Wonderland. Don’t worry about it being too cold….kit it out with outdoor heaters, it will go down a treat!

LED cube lights or rainbow raindrops:

A decorative addition, these lighting options add a sparkle to any event and can be used to brighten any dark, un-used corner or frame a doorway.

Fairy berries:

Meet the up market version of fairy lights. Although they are best used in the garden, this is not to say that they can’t be used indoors. Dare to get creative!

Iridescent chiffon:

Create beautiful backdrops for photos or add a shimmy and a shine to any table.

Swirl/white luminescent column/stretch columns:

These are available in most colours and come in a range of different heights and shapes. Perfect to fill up corners or break up a room, again think Masquerade Ball or Cinderella-esk ballroom scenes.

Laser sphere projector:

Set the mood with a gentle wall wash.

Iridescent beaded curtain:

Don’t let the size of your event space inhibit your creativity. It is not necessarily the size of an event space but what you do with it that will make or break the party ambience. These iridescent curtains make for great wall decorations and are a wonderful way to divide up a room.

Paper LED battery lanterns:

Remember that lighting coming from any angle can create an atmosphere so don’t forget your ceiling space. Available in all shapes, sizes and colours and suitable to use both inside and out, these Harry Potter style LED lanterns are currently trending with events and weddings.

LED table skirt or light base/LED beaded table runners:

Either of these lighting solutions create a wonderfully intimate setting. The soft distribution of light from light bases, however, are particularly effective and offer a warm glow. For something a bit more glitzy and glamorous, use with iridescent crush table cloths or substitute for an LED color changing programmable table skirt.

Silk flame lamps:

Silk flames create fabulous special effects. They are also not expensive and can be used and re-used in many different party scenarios so let your imagination run wild with your party theme ideas. Try real flame lamps if looking for something a little more fancy with a real flare! These are not quite so readily available however and significantly more expensive.

Effective lighting will often affect the perceived depth of a room by throwing certain areas into shadow and highlighting others, so choose carefully. Use lighting solutions to maximize the decoration but endeavour to keep it classy. A large LED lit marquee crammed into a small back garden doesn’t look so great and lighting up the garden path so it looks like Blackpool, will not fashion the sophisticated image you were aiming for to say nothing of upsetting the neighbours. Choose a few items for your event theme to subtly infiltrate the event space from the entrance to the exit and it’s enough. Going overkill will only get people criticizing rather than complimenting.


Following a University degree and a drastic career move, Fiona Warren-Bassett soon found herself rapidly moving forward in the events and PR world. Enjoying the change of direction, Fiona went on to further her Event Management experience, spending 6 years working for a renowned cruise line company. Having travelled extensively and been actively involved in many events and weddings, Fiona has since returned to land and has successfully launched her freelance writing and PR career.
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