The first impression that guests see of your event isn’t when the doors open to the decorated venue; it’s when they open the invitation months before the party. Depending on the time of year, guests can receive numerous invitations to parties and weddings. Here are some tips to make sure your invitation not only grabs the attention of the viewer, but it will have them sending in the RSVP as quickly as possible.

1. Theme it

Your party invitation acts just like a movie trailer. It is a little preview of the event for your guests to see before they commit to joining you on your special day. Start by incorporating your established party theme and colours. Include tangible things in the invitation such as sand for a beach wedding or a bit of pine branches for a holiday party. Consider your theme when you are choosing papers and envelopes and make sure they fit together. Think hiring a freelance designer for this step of the process or try some online sites to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Think outside the envelope

A little known fact is that you can send just about anything through the mail as long as it has the correct postage. I held a pirate-themed party and sent out invitations on treasure maps stuffed in plastic bottles. Just slap on a sticker with the address and stamp and you are all set to go. It is quite a fun surprise for your guests to get an invitation in the post that isn’t in an envelope. This guarantees a response from your guests for sure.

3. Make an RSVP as easy as can be

Surprising your guests with a creative invitation is one thing, but having them RSVP in a timely manner is another. Think about including a fun puzzle or an incentive for those who respond the fastest. Make RSVP-ing as easy as possible for your guests by having them sign up online. There are countless sites that offer free RSVP services that will benefit you and your guests. This will eliminate the need for them to take the time to mail the RSVP back to you, because let’s be honest, signing up online is much faster!

4. Send at the correct time

There are many books on the market that tell you when the right time is to send invitations to your guests. You can certainly follow that advice, but you know your guests better than anyone. Do you have friends that book up their social calendars 6 months in advance? Or maybe you are dealing with family members that like to plan things at the last minute. Know whom you are inviting and consider when the best time is for them to receive the invitation. If you choose to have your guests mail back the RSVP, make sure to include a stamp and a date for when you need to know. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Use your creative skills or hire a designer to help you produce a one of a kind invitation that will have your guests talking well after your event is over. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count.


Mandy France is an event designer and a professional blogger. Her resume includes working for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. Mandy travels the world and finds inspiration from seeing new places and meeting new people. Her experience in the design world and at Disney has prompted her to design some incredibly well-themed events that have been featured in several local and national publications.

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