Running orders are one thing but cue sheets for your entertainment personnel are essential. They don’t need to know what time the bar staff is arriving. A cue sheet provides exactly as it name suggests, a cue. This can be a word, action or particular section of music that acts as a prompt for a sound and/or lighting change and even as stage entrance and exit indicators for performers. This is particularly important for live performances involving dancers, musicians, aerial artists etc.

These cues are crucial in holding the entertainment product together and must be pre-arranged with significant time ahead of the event so the technicians have time to prepare.

Remember that timing is always of the essence so don’t expect great results with last minute arrangements. Make sure there are plenty of copies of the cue sheet in the back stage area, with the sound & light techs, performers, yourself and stuck to backstage entrance and exit routes.


Following a University degree and a drastic career move, Fiona Warren-Bassett soon found herself rapidly moving forward in the events and PR world. Enjoying the change of direction, Fiona went on to further her Event Management experience, spending 6 years working for a renowned cruise line company. Having travelled extensively and been actively involved in many events and weddings, Fiona has since returned to land and has successfully launched her freelance writing and PR career.
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