No event is complete without some great tasting finger food or a sit down dinner.

Be particularly careful, however, with your culinary offerings at outdoor events and temporary event spaces. By this I mean temporary food stalls such as hotdog stands, hamburger stands, ice cream stalls and ethnic food stalls. Each stall owner must have a license to run their food stall and comply with any requirements as stated by the health authorities. It may be that depending on where you are holding the event, you will also require a casual trading permit or occasional food permit from the local council.

Remember that all food preparation spaces will require a food hygiene certificate from the local council but declare everything up front and you will be guided appropriately.


Following a University degree and a drastic career move, Fiona Warren-Bassett soon found herself rapidly moving forward in the events and PR world. Enjoying the change of direction, Fiona went on to further her Event Management experience, spending 6 years working for a renowned cruise line company. Having travelled extensively and been actively involved in many events and weddings, Fiona has since returned to land and has successfully launched her freelance writing and PR career.
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