Regardless of the size of your event you may still need a license in order to hold it.

Always cross check with local and national authorities to ensure you have fully covered all eventualities during the planning stages. There is nothing worse than not being able to go through with your plans due to missing a single piece of paperwork.

Before presenting your event to such authorities, have a well-written draft drawn out that clearly states what your intentions are, includes the expected size of the event, what kind of structures and rigging you will be using and what entertainment you plan on having.

It will be the size of your event that will ultimately determine what rules and regulations you need to adhere to and what type of licences or permits you will need to apply for.

With regards to outdoor concerts and musical events for example, that expect an audience of more than 5000 people, there are a whole different set of policies to follow and permits to request than events of 500 or less people.

Newspaper adverts may also need to be submitted to announce large events to the public.


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