Am I the only one who feels like there is a new social media phenomenon happening every day?

Well I’m not exactly wrong. We all know it, we live in a day and age of heightened advanced technology. Everyday it makes it easier to communicate with each other (almost easier then pressing snooze on the old alarm). Better yet it has given the world an opportunity.

Why should we give a rip?

It’s interesting you feel this way. Perhaps it’s because it’s all a bit overwhelming, there are too many apps to choose from, too many accounts to sign up to and keep active. Too many pieces of the pie to have your hand in.

It is true, there is a lot of information out there and that is exactly why you should be in there!!! These are the places everyone is going to for information and how they are sharing the information! Be apart of the information. It might be for the brand/product you are selling, it might be advertising your next event. Get in there and make it easy, not only for yourself but everyone else.

Three reasons why you can’t say No!

– it’s free
– it’s viral
– it’s growing!!

So don’t drown in the sea just dabble your feet at the shore first and ask yourself some simple questions.

What way do YOU like to communicate most?

Is it with words? i.e Twitter
Is it with images? i.e Instagram or Pinterest
Is it both images & words? i.e Facebook
And how could you communicate using video? i.e YouTube

Then the next question to ask is…

WHERE are the majority of people you want to communicate with?

Are they on Facebook or are they using Twitter? etc. etc. are they on both??

How on earth are we meant keep up with it?

Now that you have decided to jump on the bandwagon. Let’s talk HOW.

1. Identify your downtime and use it. It needs to get on your ‘to do’ list
2. Going mobile – get the app and post on the go
3. Be friendly, don’t expect to get followers if you don’t follow.

It’s not just about giving information remember its sharing information. Be interactive!

What’s the goal & what’s growing?

The goal is to avoid being on the catch up game!

Discover how you like to communicate. Learn where the people you want to communicate with are. Then, jump in and get apart of the action.

But it doesn’t stop there. Stay on top of the information, try to start noticing trends, understand that some things will eventually die out but not until others have grown. Some will only strengthen as tools to share others.

A great example of this is the old YouTube. Founded back in 2005, YouTube has given access to billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Eight years later and YouTube is still growing and even faster.

YouTube Facts

– 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
– In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth
– 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
– More than 50% of videos on YouTube have been rated or include comments from the community
– Clicks on the ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ button on YouTube have doubled since the start of 2011. For every ‘dislike,’ we get 10 ‘likes’
– people like to tell other people about the stuff they love.

Point of reference (check it out for yourself):

One of the golden keys to YouTube is that your hear about there videos from your friends, from the people you trust and then you go and watch it. And its not just you, everybody is doing it.

Can you see the incredible value in getting onto YouTube (for free) and sharing it as a post on twitter for example? Compare doing this to the costly exercise of a TV ad most of us would only dream of.

You live in a day and age where you can create and promote your own ads. Don’t wait for the next thing (just keep your eyes peeled) and embrace the opportunity while it lasts!


Hayley Mason is the enthusiastic founder of Etch Events.
With over six years experience in the events industry and a Bachelor of Business with a major in Event Management, she has her sights set on an event empire. Not to mention a curious collection of vintage matchboxes.
Her commitment to cappuccinos and building strong networks has enabled Hayley to connect with the very best in the business. Due credit goes to her expert (aka ninja) team who each bring their individual passions, skills and talents to the deck. Combined, they work hard to create unique and flawless options for your events.' For more info:
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