Disney is held to a higher standard than most companies. They are praised for their pristine events, fanciful storytelling and meticulous attention to detail. Just by walking through a Disney park you can feel the magic that flows throughout. Disney’s employees, known as Cast Members, work hard to keep their parks and events clean, well designed, and running smoothly.


The Walt Disney Co. in Florida employees over 64,000 cast members on site for their Disney parks, resorts, and events. It takes thousands of people in hundreds of different roles to help keep the parks running smoothly. Cleanliness is an important factor that sets Disney apart from other event destinations. Cast members are constantly cleaning and keeping up the appearance 24 hours a day in their parks, resorts, and event locations. With photo opportunities at every turn, a piece of trash or litter could ruin a perfect wedding photo.

Telling the story

Walt himself was famous for telling stories. Known sometimes as Uncle Walt, he proclaimed that under everything lies a storyline. This thinking is not only applied to Disney movies and shows, but also to their parks and events. Rides and attractions are all based around a crucial storyline to help draw in the guest. When you come to a Disney park, you are part of the story. You could be flying with Peter Pan in Neverland or fighting Davy Jones on the Pirates of the Caribbean. Playing with the imagination is key to creating success. This also applies to their events. Many weddings held on property are based on fairy tale themes while special celebrations are customized helping make memories for everyone.


Even the tiny details are important when you are telling a story at Disney. From the color scheme of the window shutters in Frontierland to the futuristic costumes in Tomorrowland. By making sure the tiny visual details fit within the story line, Disney gains recognition for creating one of a kind events that guests rave about. One bride booked her pirate themed wedding at The Living Seas, the interactive aquarium in Epcot. The Disney event staff played upon the pirate storyline and included themed food and pirate themed décor to match the fish swimming in the aquarium. To continue the storyline, they included divers in the tank to help make the event even more special.

You don’t have to be at Disney to help make your event special. Just make sure that cleanliness is key in your space and you tell a story. Play upon that story by incorporating details that make your guests forget reality and play upon their imagination. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”—Walt Disney.


Mandy France is an event designer and a professional blogger. Her resume includes working for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. Mandy travels the world and finds inspiration from seeing new places and meeting new people. Her experience in the design world and at Disney has prompted her to design some incredibly well-themed events that have been featured in several local and national publications.

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