They say, “the devil is in the details,” but when planning an event the details are the most important part. As event planners, it is our job to act as designers, coordinators, and sometimes the occasional cake taster. Paying close attention to the smallest details will help make sure your event is not only fantastic, but one that guests will be talking about for years.

The Right Venue for the Right Event

Let’s start with the biggest detail, location. This sets the tone for the entire event. Is it a quaint wedding in a garden, or a graduation blow out bash in a rented out nightclub? Meet with your client to discuss what their vision of the event is. Ask for examples or ideas that inspire them and what their ideal night would be. Some clients will come to your initial meeting with a location already set, while others are open to ideas and suggestions. Looking at the big picture will help target venues that fit within the client’s vision and help make the event come together into a lasting memory for your clients and their guests.

The Power of Design

Design details help tie together the overall visual theme of an event. Many brides spend hours looking through magazines picking out colours and invitation designs. As event planners, we have to continue this visual language throughout the entire event. Create a mood board that you can use to brainstorm with your client. Lighting, printed materials, and linens are a few of the major components that will make or break an event. If these aspects are not considered in the overall design scheme, the event may come off as cheap or uninspired. No matter the budget, there is always room for design. By making sure your lighting matches the mood, your menu cards match the table numbers, and the linens complement the colour palate, you are sure to have design success.

Full Stomachs and Happy Faces

Designing an event doesn’t stop at the colour of the napkins. Taking careful consideration of the menu is also crucially important when discussing details. If the event is themed, carry this idea into the dining options. Planning a beach-themed wedding? Consider serving seafood and other coastal favorites to guests so that they feel encompassed by the ocean, even if it is miles away. Maybe you are tasked with planning a sustainable and “green” event. Look into organic and vegan options to serve at the buffet. With a carefully crafted menu, guests will not only leave full, but will be filled with memories of a truly unique event.

All events are different but one thing they all have in common is successful attention to detail. Looking at the overall picture and the client’s vision of the event will help target which details need to be addressed and how you can tie everything together through design and consideration. Paying attention to the tiniest of details will ensure the promise of a successful event and one that will truly be unique and inspired.


Mandy France is an event designer and a professional blogger. Her resume includes working for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. Mandy travels the world and finds inspiration from seeing new places and meeting new people. Her experience in the design world and at Disney has prompted her to design some incredibly well-themed events that have been featured in several local and national publications.

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