After noticing the type of search terms that have brought googlers to my last post about Spotify (using Spotify at events), I’ve decided to investigate this area a little further and hope this clears up any confusion – because I must admit after looking at their website, I was still a little confused!

So I emailed Spotify to find out, when is it legal for users to play music through Spotify at events? After a couple of emails, back and forth, this was their response:

“as long as the party is not public and/or commercial, you are allowed to use Spotify…Anytime you would need a licence to play music, you are not allowed to use Spotify”

If there are any pub Landlords or Managers wanting to play Spotify in their bar, I’m afraid it clearly states on Spotify’s website that Spotify is only for personal, non-commercial use.

So then I had a look on the ‘PRS for Music’ website to find out when you don’t need a licence to play music:

“PRS for Music does not make a charge for functions of a purely domestic or family nature, such as wedding receptions, christening parties or domestic birthday parties, when:

• Attendance of guests is by personal invitation only (except for staff, performers, etc.)
• The function is held in a privately-booked room, not at that time open to the general public
• There is no form of charge made for admission
• There is no financial gain to the function’s organiser or host (e.g. the person hiring the venue)”

If you decide to do any further reading on this, the term ‘domestic environment’ is frequently used on this subject, so while I’m on a roll, this is what is meant by ‘domestic environment’ (thanks ‘PRS for Music’ again!):

“There is no specific legal definition of a public performance. However, PRS for Music would consider your domestic environment to include your own home (assuming it is not also your workplace or a registered business address), a private vehicle or private gatherings or events with family and friends.”

I hope that helps!

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