Music is an essential ingredient to a good party, and if you’re trying to cut costs or can’t face a whole night listening to a cheesy disco DJ, for smaller parties I recommend Spotify. It’s the renaissance of the traditional pub jukebox.

Using Spotify at an event will allow guests to search for songs they like and add them to the playlist – this means that throughout the event everybody can be involved in the music and listen to the songs they want.

All you need to provide is a laptop, a PA system (which most pubs/venues have anyway, you’ll just need to check with them about wires), a wifi connection and make someone responsible for the music. That somebody, will need to set up a small playlist so that there is music at the beginning while guests arrive, and that person will need to be around on the night to show others how to use it if having difficulty. However, it is super easy to use, especially if you’ve used itunes before, it has a very similar layout.

The main difference between itunes and Spotify, is that with Spotify you are only streaming the music, not buying and owning the song, which is ideal for a party. You’ll need to sign up for the premium version which is £4.99 (the unlimited package) for an entire month – don’t be tempted to sign up to the free version, otherwise you might end up with toothpaste adverts between songs – a bit of a mood killer!

There are just a few downfalls to using Spotify at an event – some artists haven’t signed up to Spotify, so there are a few classics missing, but there are millions of songs on it and you’ll need to make sure the person you put in-charge of Spotify ensures the dance floor isn’t completely empty all night because someone at the party has terrible music taste.  If not, this is a brilliant tool for the DIY DJ.

The Death of the DJ (Part Two) – using Spotify at events

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