We asked some of our clients how they did it. It makes for an interesting set of case studies. This video guide offers an insight and understanding of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems. Crewsaders stakeholders, the DRP Group, Hawthorn Theatrical and Logistik as well as crewmen, talk about the different elements that need to be considered to create sustainability in the event production lifecycle and beyond.

Case studies are used to highlight the basic principles behind the ISO 20121. If you would like to show others what you do for sustainability, we would love to include you as one of the case studies in our next ISO 20121 stakeholder engagement film. If you have any great tips on how to make a live event more sustainable we want to hear from you.


James Morgan is the Marketing Director for event staffing company Crewsaders. He is also the current Director of Education at ISES UK. James is a seasoned event professional and has had over 20 years of event design, production and planning experience. This experience combined with various roles in international marketing and public relations consultancy underpins his academic credentials. James has taught Business Tourism and Travel, Tourism Planning, Cultural Regeneration and Events Management at London Metropolitan University and the University of Westminster.

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