The events industry is vibrant, diverse and growing all the time. With roles ranging from AV technicians to Event Graphic Designers right through to Event Directors, there’s plenty of scope for an engaging and exciting career. But, sometimes, it can be hard to know how to break into the events industry. Then, even after you’ve secured a position, it’s not always clear how you can progress your career. To help out, we’ve put together 5 useful tips for getting into events and advancing your career:

#1 Gain a relevant qualification

There’s now a wide range of Universities offering event-related degrees. Taking a degree can be really useful if you’re short on experience and want to expand your knowledge of events. Also, if you already have an ideal events job in mind, then event degrees can help you gain the necessary skills to specialise. While qualifications alone won’t guarantee you a job, they do show you are serious about a career in events.

#2 Get events work experience

If you’re trying to get your first job in events or planning on taking your career in a different direction, then internships and work experience are fantastic ways to prove you want to work in events. Working in events is very hands-on and fast-paced. So, getting involved in the day-to-day challenges, though work experience, shows potential employers you’re up to the job. Plus, it’ll give you plenty of real-life examples you can use on your CV and in interviews to demonstrate your skills and experience.

#3 Get involved on social media

Increasingly, job hunting is moving online. You can use social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, to search for new jobs and make connections with recruiters. To get started, set-up your profiles with a job search in mind. Make them professional, highlighting any events roles and experience you have. Then, start making connections and conversations with people you know and people in the industry. Also, on LinkedIn, join relevant industry groups because that’s where lots of jobs get posted. Before you know it, you’ll start to find new opportunities, which you never knew existed.

#4 Network, network, network

Making connections through networking is really important for your career. Everyone you meet counts as part of your network. While some connections will be stronger than others, you never know when someone you know will help you to make a career move. Plus, each person you know may be able to introduce you to new people, who will also help your career progression.

#5 Make contact with a dedicated event recruiter

It can be really hard to know where to look for new positions in the events industry, which is why a recruiter is so valuable. Good recruiters will often be aware of positions before they are openly advertised, so getting in touch can be vital to landing top positions as they become available. An event recruiter will be able to match you with a role that suits your career aims, skills and experience. Plus, when you’re ready for you next role, an events recruiter will be able to make that happen for you and help you progress further.


Hannah Treanor is a Marketing Executive for Live Recruitment,the largest independent recruiter, specialising in the events industry. Everyone at Live Recruitment has experience in the industry, so they understand the needs of both clients and candidates. Whether you want to get into events or make your next career move, Live Recruitment have the expertise and connections to make this happen. Find them at and follow on Twitter and LinkedIn for all the latest event industry jobs.
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