Festivals are extremely popular these days and cover a wide range of topics. If you are a business owner then organising a local festival can be a great way to showcase your products, meet new suppliers and raise brand awareness. Whether you are a cookery school planning a food festival or a music teacher planning an arts festival these tips are for you!

1. Find a Sponsor

Having a sponsor for your festival will do two main things. Firstly sponsors normally pay for certain aspects of the event. This could be the venue hire, logistics costs, food and drinks or marketing. Secondly, having a recognisable brand as your sponsor will add credibility to your event and make it much easier to market. If you are planning a food festival then contact your local supermarkets, bakeries and wine shops. If you are planning a film festival then contact your local cinemas or even theatres and so on.

2. Write a Business Plan

Whether you are planning a festival for charitable or commercial reasons it is a good idea to have a comprehensive business plan. Make sure you have some clearly defined goals about exactly what you want to achieve through the event. Include a detailed budget and logistics plan as well as a schedule and anything else you may consider necessary.

3. Look in to the Legalities

When planning an event for the public there are many conditions that need to be met. This is especially true if you are planning something that is out of doors like a music festival. Public liability insurance is an absolute must as is equipment insurance. You may also need to obtain noise and other permits. Contact your local authority before you plan anything else!

4. Get the Promotions Right

In your business plan you will likely have a section about your target audience. The type of people who will attend a rock festival will probably be very different from those who will attend a wine or nature festival. Decide who your audience is and where they hang out and then target your promotional activity. If you are a business or charity and you want to promote a particular project or cause during your festival then giving away flyers, wristbands or even t-shirts is a good idea.

5. Involve the Local Community

If you event is going to attract a lot of people or be noisy in anyway then you really need the local community on your side. If you are a charity then it is likely that local community members will not mind volunteering to help on the day. It is much harder to get them onside if you are a business. You should consider donating a small percentage of each ticket sale to a local hospital or school or ask local children to design some artwork for your event and offer a prize.

About the author:
Vicky works alongside Top Wirstbands who supply silicone wristbands for business and charity. She loves event planning and writing marketing tutorials.

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