I’ve noticed that some Googlers have ended up on eventjuice having searched for information on ‘Total Wipeout Events’, looking for details about the course, or something similar in the UK.

So I’ve looked into this and hope this post answers those questions:

Where is the Total Wipeout course and can I have a go?

The programme is filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, click the link to see a bird’s eye view of the course – it’s much bigger than I expected!: The Total Wipeout Set in Buenos Aires, Argentina

At the moment the Total Wipeout course is just a television set and not open to the public or for private events.

Whilst the programme is popular, they are going to carry on making it (Total Wipeout is made for, and shown in, loads of countries) and due to the show’s success it looks like it’s going to be a while before the site is transformed into a water park, IF that ever happens.

Is there a Total Wipeout Course in the UK?

A couple of companies have put together basic versions of the show, but there isn’t anything that comes close yet. However this is something I’ve discussed with several different event companies and activity suppliers,  but so far no one has come up with a good solution.

Everyone seems to be put off by the size of the project. The combination that there would be such a high risk of accidents on the event because the course would have to be extreme, the difficulty of creating a mobile event that looks authentic, and the massive investment in kit needed for the course – it’s not surprising no one has done it yet.

But the majority of people that end up on my site looking for ‘Total Wipeout events’ must be enquiring with event companies about the idea. They appear to be organising events for large groups, such as stag dos, birthday parties and corporate team building events – and if they keep asking, I predict that someone will try and develop something soon.

As soon as I hear about something I’ll post the details – or if anyone does please email me: mike@eventjuice.co.uk

But for now, a similar event that I can suggest is ‘It’s A Knockout’ (also inspired and based on television show). Like Total Wipeout it’s extremely physical, fun and participants usually get soaked. ‘It’s A Knockout’ is offered by loads of event companies, most able to provide a mobile option which can be transported and set up in suitable venues, all over the UK.

However if you really want to ‘have a go’ at getting across those big red balls or take a sucker punch there is a multi player game on the Wii – which obviously doesn’t come close to the real thing but is good fun for small groups.

Total Wipeout:


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