You’re an event manager. You’re busy. What do you do?

Our advice is to reach for your mobile or tablet. Not to check the latest on who’s dating who, or spend several hours on Angry Birds. There is a vast wealth of applications available on mobile or tablet which can make your life much easier – whether you’re in a meeting, at an event, travelling, or just on some down time.

However, it’s confusing to navigate the sea of apps out there to determine what’s best. So, what we’ve done is gone through and picked out some absolute essentials and compiled a one-stop-shop for you to start making your life much less stressful.

We’ve organized apps into “Essential Apps”, which are suitable for the majority of event managers, and “More Specific Apps” which will have more relevance to some than others.

Essential Apps

Our essential apps list contains tools which we believe will be useful to the majority of event managers – whether you’re planning an international conference, a wedding, or a fun run.

Total event planning made beautiful with… Zwoor Event HD

A complete event management package which contains full agenda, calenders, social media integration, venue logistics, exhibitor or speaker data, and loads more all in one stunningly beautiful app.
Super Planner is a promising complimentary or alternative, which promises a suite of tools to help calculate venue capacity, staffing, catering, and other features: Super Planner App
You may also like Punchbowl.

Make your conference or exhibition a success with… Zerista

B2B Marketing Magazine recently rated this as a top choice – this all in one solution allows you to create the perfect atmosphere at conferences and exhibitions. Zeritsta promises solutions which delivers the right attendees meet the right people any time before or after the event.

Execute a ticketed event effortlessly with… Eventbrite

EventBrite is a platform which allows you to create an event which can be searched publicly and manage all ticket sales. If you’ve got a public event, this could be the solution to not only advertise your event, but taking the hassle out of providing event tickets.

Guest lists, floor plans, seating arrangements all in one place with…All Seated

[one_third]All seated[/one_third][two_third]
All Seated describes themselves as an entirely new way to manage your guests. You can create and track full guest lists and create interactive floor plans and seating arrangements in one single utility.It’s all managed from the cloud and you can share the data with all interested parties effortlessly.
Invitation management can also be performed using: and floor plans can be designed interactively by the dedicated Toptableplanner.

Keep on top of your Twitter effortlessly with… Tweetdeck

Social media is a vital part of the buzz of any event – whether that’s before, during, or after the festivities. TweetDeck is an online app which provides a tremendous amount of power over your Twitter feed, including multiple account management, tweet scheduling, and custom alerts to alert you to the information you need to know.
TweetDeck not your thing? Try Hootsuite.

All your files and a full office suite everywhere with… Google Apps

[one_third]Google Drive[/one_third][two_third]
Google Apps is an invaluable app which provides you with a fully working office suite wherever you go. Best of all, with 5GB free storage on Google Drive (and storage upgrades at a low cost) you can have and share all your files wherever you go.
Not loving Google Apps? No problem – try Office HD

Keep track of your running costs with… Xpense Tracker

[one_third]Xpense Tracker[/one_third][two_third]
It’s hard to keep track of what you’re spending and where money is going. To make sure you don’t have a nightmare later trying to remember how much everything costs, keep track now.

No pen and paper? No problem with… Evernote

Evernote’s slogan is “Remember Everything” and it delivers.
How you use Evernote is only limited by your imagination. It is the perfect suite for documenting research into the perfect venue, keep track of your itineraries, save web pages, or just make a note to feed the dog.
Evernote has the added bonus that it can be synchronized to all your devices, so you’ll never be without your soon to be beloved scrap book.
Not fancying Evernote? An alternative is OneNote from Microsoft.

Save the trees: paperless brainstorming with… iBrainstorm

Brainstorming is an essential part of the event planning process – and it’s often a messy process. Free yourself from the confines of illegible handwriting on oversized pads of paper by creating beautiful looking notes and brainstorms with this essential app.
Also try: MindMeister

Gorgeous Gantt charts with… Tom’s Planner

[one_third]Toms Planner[/one_third][two_third]
I never thought I’d call a Gantt chart gorgeous, but these can be described in no other terms. If you have to plan out meticulously the time frame for an event project delivery, at least make it look nice.

De-stress with a spot of music with… Spotify

Studies show that listening to music on headphones reduces stress and anxiety. Event management is a stressful job so in your downtime, throw on your headphones and listen to your favorite tracks. Alternatively, if you’re hosting an informal private event, hook your device up to some speakers and take requests – Spotify’s library is Huge and available on demand any time.

Create memories with… Instagram

The SLR camera is dead… Well, at least at more informal events. Everything appears on Instagram these days, admittedly mostly food. Take some snaps and get them out there. You want the world to see people having a great time (and what they’re eating) at your event and they love seeing it with old-fashioned filters applied.

More specific apps

Our specific apps list is geared towards providing you the best tools to perform specific functions – such as tracking flights, meeting remotely, or creating stunning presentations.

Create stunning mobile presentations to impress on the go with… Keynote

What could be nicer than whipping out your iPad and showing a client a slideshow of your latest event to seal the deal? Simple, easy, and with beautiful results.

Meetings on the go with… Go To Meeting

Go to Meeting is a web conferencing app that allows you to collaborate with people from anywhere in the world with your mobile.
You can display presentations and documents, host audio or video, and connect up to 1000 people at a time.
Alternately, try Skype for mobile.

Take something memorable away from your event with… Please Sign In

[one_third]Please sign in[/one_third][two_third]
Do you remember when guest books were a popular thing to have on websites? This is the modern day equivalent. It allows your guests using a mobile or tablet to sign a guest book style form complete with photograph and it sends the sign in straight to a designated mailbox. Great if you want some pictures and comments post-event.

International contacts? Make timezones an issue of the past with… Meetup Time

[one_third]Meetup Time[/one_third][two_third]
It can be difficult to keep track of when it is a good or a bad time to call your clients. Would you really want to wake up a key account in the middle of the night, especially if you’re delivering bad news? Keep track of contact time zones with Meetup Time’s intuitive interface – It allows you to call at the best time, every time.

Keep track of international guests with… FlightTrack Pro

[one_third]Flight tracking[/one_third][two_third]
If you’ve got guests coming in from all corners of the world, you might want to know when the VIPs flights are scheduled to arrive so you can give them a special welcome. Or, you may travel a lot and just want to know if you’re flight’s delayed. You can do all this and more with FlightTrack Pro.

Keep track of your staff with… Hot Schedules

[one_third]Hot Schedules[/one_third][two_third]
Hot Schedules is a tool that allows you to keep track of schedules for your own day and those who work for you. It’s an in-pocket HR manager that lets you know precisely what resources are available and where they are. Great for teams that are always on the go.

Mail Chimp user? Stats about your event mailing lists on the go with… Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is a popular newsletter lifecycle software. If you’re using it to get the message out to your subscribers, then you’ll want to keep track of how well it’s doing.

Generate meaningful live feedback with… Projectorfy

It seems to be standard that feedback is provided after the event, but the problem is it’s a nightmare tracking people down and asking them their thoughts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get feedback at the event? Yes, it would.
Alternatively, for more simple feedback, try Quick Tap Survey.
There are a variety of tools out there which can provide a high-quality user experience which can make your life much simpler. You can reap so many benefits from employing these apps – by using interactive tools to plan time and take the stress out of seating plans or creating stunning presentations to seal the deal with key new business.

First, man had tools and fire to make his life easier… Now we have iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Use them to your full advantage!


Craig Ineson is a law graduate of the University of Liverpool, current student of international business law at master’s level, a passionate restaurant reviewer, and experienced content writer.
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