If you are planning your next event, you probably have a lot on your mind at the moment. Make sure you carefully consider what we like to call ‘The Three Musketeers’ of an event.

1# Target Market

Shape the event around your target market – make it of interest to them, give them what they are lacking, treat them to something they can’t easily access.

2# Purpose Purpose Purpose

More often than not the reason for the season is SALES. You obviously have a product/service worth selling so make sure you maximise this at the event to win more sales.

3# The Damage (aka Budget)

It doesn’t have to be that bad. People often forget that you don’t have to have a pocket full of cash to put on a quality event. Key word, quality. First things first don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you can only afford a cocktail package of 4 canapés and 1 drink per person don’t put on the invitation ‘Cocktail Party’ you are setting your guests up for disappointment. Instead simply mention drinks on arrival, then surprise them with a little bit of food. Secondly, give yourself time to come up with the budget needed for the event you are after, don’t just expect a mediocre BBQ in the park with a few brochures and banners to do the trick.


Hayley Mason is the enthusiastic founder of Etch Events.
With over six years experience in the events industry and a Bachelor of Business with a major in Event Management, she has her sights set on an event empire. Not to mention a curious collection of vintage matchboxes.
Her commitment to cappuccinos and building strong networks has enabled Hayley to connect with the very best in the business. Due credit goes to her expert (aka ninja) team who each bring their individual passions, skills and talents to the deck. Combined, they work hard to create unique and flawless options for your events.' For more info: www.etchevents.com
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