As clients start to look at Christmas venues for the Christmas shindig, do you go down the route of offering a rock bottom price with just the basics in or do you advertise your price higher than your competitors but show that is has all of the whistles and bells on it?

Let’s be honest everyone knows what everyone else is offering for Christmas so how do you go about competing?

There are two avenues of thought. One offer the lowest price possible and your potential client will be impressed with the price and give you a call and then you can upsell to them a drinks reception, canapés or whatever else you have at your disposal. The other avenue of thought is to go in with your top offer and show your client everything that they get so it gives them the idea that they would not have to worry about anything.

Just some food for thought.


Bellamy Roth has worked in events for 8 years. Starting in event logistics, the fun side of humping kit around to every venue in London and Europe. From there Bellamy went into the world of conferences and worked in a venue in Central London learning a lot about how the events world really works and made a lot of good connections with agents and suppliers. From there Bellamy worked in venues in the City for two years providing an insight into fine dinning, charity events and the chaos of weddings! From there Bellamy moved out to a venue in Surrey with a office with a window, which is a great perk, where Bellamy manages a small team and continues to learn.

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