This weekend, I went to a music exhibition with some friends, which was all about the history of popular music in Britain.  Like a lot of people, I love this sort of thing, so when it comes to an afternoon all about music – I’m an easy one to please.

However, most of the activities, at the exhibition, were interactive elements relying completely on specially made hi-tech equipment and gadgets.  I must admit the sections that did work were really cool, but quite a few things such as one of the key attractions and finale were OUT OF ORDER.

I completely understand that things break down and you cannot have two of everything. But when I asked the staff about it, they said they were aware of the problem and it’s going to take AROUND 40 minutes for a technical team to get there and then they will PROBABLY take ABOUT half an hour to fix.  We waited about an hour and nothing had changed or happened – so we left.

This is really frustrating for visitors and stuff like this happens all the time – so if you are organising an event that requires any technical equipment, know how to use the equipment and solve minor problems and if you have a lot of technical equipment make sure you have an expert onsite – in case things go wrong.

If you have any key sections of the event not working, warn people before they buy a ticket and go into the event because those are the parts of the experience people tend to remember, especially if they are the sections they’ve read about and have been looking forward too.

It’s alright though, after complaining they gave us tickets to come again – so fingers crossed, after doing the whole journey again, it’s the other half that breaks down, if any.

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