If you’re looking for an online tool that can help with the planning and management of events – this is it!

If you haven’t heard of Podio, check this out…

Podio is an incredible online platform that collects, stores and manages information, the way you choose.

20110730-191318.jpgIn the right hands, this will transform the way you work, making life easier for you and fellow event organisers, whilst saving heaps of time.

Podio is free to use (for up to 10 people) and is far superior to anything similar that I’ve personally come across (that is available to the public for free).

The scope to use Podio when organising events is huge, here are some ideas:

– when recruiting event staff
– for event registration and to sell tickets
– managing several events at once
– collecting guests’ feedback
– storing suppliers’ details
– collecting and managing event enquiries
– managing project deadlines, such as marketing campaigns
– controlling budgets
– assigning people to projects
– as customer management tool

A brilliant feature of Podio is being able to connect the different applications you’ve set up. For example if you are using Podio to store suppliers’ details and also to manage different events, you can then connect the relevant supplier to the individual event they’re working on, rather than being required to input the same information twice.

You can also invite others to use your applications so that organisers can collaboratively plan and manage events, which is a simple way to communicate with everybody involved.

My favourite part of Podio is that users can build their own applications from scratch, which sounds really complicated and time consuming (and so it should), but actually it’s not, it literally takes minutes to build a bespoke application for your event.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out this video to see how easy it really is to build an application on Podio…

I hope this helps. Feel free to share below what you’re using Podio for or if you recommend any other online tools. Click here to visit Podio.com


Michael Chidzey is the chief juicer of eventjuice and runs Event Organiser, an event company based in London, UK. He also founded the digital marketing agency Good Signals, blogs on several websites and is a visiting lecturer in events management at London Metropolitan University.Follow Michael on Twitter @michaelchidzey
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