is an online tool that makes my life easier! I’m sure there are loads of other online mapping tools, but I find community walk, easy to use, reliable and unbelievably useful – plus it’s free!

I use it to create event maps, and have been using it, at least once a week, over the last three years now. I use it for various reasons, and have found that the more I use it, the more problems it solves for me.

You can create multiple maps, and in terms of events, it’s a suitable tool for one-off events to highlight different elements of the event, but also as a way to manage and record various suppliers and venues, all over the UK.

The user can drop hundreds of different colour pins and icons all over the map, which represent different types of meeting points, venues and suppliers. For each pin placed on the map you can include photos, descriptions, website links and contact details.

The only downfall is that sometimes it can be a bit slow – but it certainly beats needing to dedicate a whole wall to a project, sourcing a giant map to cover the space and then putting pins and post it notes all over it!

I recommend it as an essential event planning tool and rate it 9/10!

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