Once you’ve finally secured an investor or client and are ready to begin executing your plan, you will need to assure them that their money is in good hands.

After all, making sure that they are confident and secure in your business relationship is essential for ensuring future projects. Here are five useful tools you can use that are sure to organize your team and bolster your client’s or investor’s confidence at the same time:

Arrange Meetings With Doodle

Finding the right time to meet and exchange ideas is vital in getting any group work accomplished.

Comparing schedules by calling, texting and emailing is time consuming, and there always seem to be a few people that “can’t make it.” Doodle gets rid of this problem by automatically contacting everyone to simultaneously check their schedules. The report/poll is sent back to you so that the optimal date and time is chosen. Arranging your next meeting with a client or investor in this shows you are an efficient coordinator.

Video Conference WIth Pligus

Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. are fine for personal video conferencing, but Pligus is targeted toward creative business professionals. The service has an impressive number of collaboration tools so that up to 10 people can work/attend at the same time without installing anything. The screen-sharing component of Pligus is great for quickly sharing documents and unfinished drafts that you don’t want to upload, or that another team member might have. One way I like to use it is to present my budget sheet so that I can modify it in real-time.

Invoice Employee Time With Yast

Keeping track of performance-based wages and set hourly wages can be complicated. With Yast, this task is reduced to a simple app where each project can be shared and tracked for time. After your event or project is completed, you can generate an invoice for your client or investor and they can determine how much each employee gets paid based on their time. I personally use it for promotional budgets.

Track Progress With 5pm’s Interactive Timeline

5pm’s Timeline is an incredible tool for managing multiple employees. If something looks like it won’t be completed, the software makes it easy to decipher using color-coded tasks. Nothing screams progress like the eye-catching reports from 5pm. Simply generate and send your client or investor a reassuring update once a week.

Ticket Reporting With Eventbrite

EventBrite reporting

EventBrite Reporting tools

I like to use Eventbrite for ticket sales and the statistics that it provides. In addition to having an app that allows credit card transactions at the door, all sales are tracked and graphed in real-time. The ability to send over these reports per request allows investors to see exactly when and how to keep track of their bottom line.


Iman Peera is an EDM promoter, event coordinator, and intern at WorkExchangeTeam and WRAS 88.5 in Atlanta, GA. He is also a webmaster and blogger part-time while striving for his BBA in Marketing at Georgia State University.
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